Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heavenly Headboards

Nope, I've still not made a headboard for our bedroom yet.

I did however, make so headway this weekend when I brought Cory out with me to look at fabric. Unfortunately, they did not seem to have any leather or vinyl in the entire store???

It was however 50% off weekend, and the store was PACKED!!! So perhaps they were cleared out, or maybe it had moved... anyhow it was too busy for me to ask a Staff member anyhow.

We did manage to find some Chocolate Brown velvet that was diamond quilted, with the batting already attached.. I'm not sure what this is typically used for. We both liked it!!

Plus, it would give us the slightly tufted effect we were looking for, without the hassle. All I need to do is create some fabric covered buttons!!

But since nothing is set in stone, here are a few more headboard ideas that caught my eye today!

Okay, so the color-scheme, is not what we're going for in our place.... but I've always pondered about doing something super-tall like this.

This is very similar to what I've always wanted... and it's even in chocolate!!

This is kinda different, and I like it. It's also less feminine, so I am sure Cory would approve. As well, something like this looks like it would be much easier to create myself!

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