Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Already dreaming of next summer.

If we get the new house, we're gonna have a new deck!! This excites me, as I love to spend time and entertain outside in the summer. What I would like to do, ideally. Is keep the deck as the "Eating" zone, with the bbq area, and then a lovely eating area, surrounded by built-in planter boxes.
This patio set from Walmart looks great, and is inexpensive. The only thing I would probably change a bit is the fabrics, to something with some light blue in it!

I would love to do a little sitting area grouping, but I'm not entirely sure what style I'd like.

Here are a few options
I think my best bet is to go with this set (also from Walmart) .
It looks very similar to the patio set, but it's a little plain, so again I would change up the cushions and maybe mix in a couple of these chairs and pretty cushions (from Pier 1 for some fun.
If I had a really big deck, I'd love to do another arrangement with a big, cushy lounge area, but for now this pretty set (also from Walmart) will be on my future, future wishlist!

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