Saturday, July 26, 2008

Woodson & Rummerfield

This Design duo share a love of Hollywood Regency style rooms. Yeah, they're probably a little over-the-top, and Cory would die if I even suggested one of these rooms. lol... actually that is gonna be an experiment for me - I'll ask him this weekend and see if I am correct inbut I love them none the less

This is totally bachelor pad!! Actually, it reminds me of the slick "Playboy" suave showhome we looked at a couple weeks back that Cory said was "totally" him!!! Since when??

This room as bright as it is, seems pretty livable!! The wallpaper insert in the panelling is great - exactly what I am looking for!

Love everything in this room, even the creepy side table lol.
This masculine bedroom is pretty toned-down for them!! Love the tufted leather bed. I commend them for showing a King Size!!

Another pretty guest room idea!!

They sure now how to win my heart by using such pretty blues!

As eclectic as it is, still manages to be very livable, and a lot of the pieces read as neutrals!
A little too modern and stark for me, but I love the use of trim and the shape of the chairs

I espcially love these chairs!

This is a great guest bedroom idea!! The chocolate makes the room so cozy.

They seem to use these light fixtures a lot.... the preciousness of the chandeliers is toned down by the modern glass casing it!!!! Kinda hard to see in the picture, but pretty blue wall color!!
They also update their showrooms each season.....

This is a space they did for Versace!!

I heart their usage of zebra rugs and sunburst mirrors!!

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