Friday, July 25, 2008

Slither on in....

I have always loved the unusual, and that includes animal skins/patterns/faux hides in design. Amoung my faves: zebra, cow, python, alligator, crocodile and giraffe. There is something about them that just speaks to me. Maybe it's because that even with their graphic prints, they are afterall, really neutrals. Browns, blacks, creams, etc. Where else could you find such beautiful, neutral colors - than in nature!!!

So my newest quest: I am on the hunt for a python table for our living room!!

Years ago Domino featured Laura Yaggy and her beautiful line of tables for Lorely Furniture and I fell in love with them. My absolute fave was this python table that she even has in her living room! To most, a python table on it's own might be a little gawdy, but in a very neutral living room, such as my own - I think the python serves as another neutral with a bit of pop due to the pattern/texture.

However, unfortunately, my table budget is nowhere near what Laura Yaggy charges for hers, so in my quest for a wallet-friendly alternative, I came across these:

This tray table from Neiman Marcus is the perfect little mix!!

This little darling is a set of two nesting tables from Ikea of all places that the owner re-finished herself!! You can find more info on Ikea Hacker .

Wish me luck - firstly in finding something I love, and secondly in convincing Cory that he loves it too. Although, chances are that I will just get it anyhow, and he will have no choice but to deal with it!! :)

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