Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The return of Wallpaper

I don't know when it really went away..... I do remember that sometime ago, it became tacky, passe and old to have wallpaper in your home.

Years ago, my mom and I wallpapered every room in our family home. They have long been torn down and replaced. Except for one beautiful, textured French paper in the front hallway that still masks the imperfections of the wall.

However wallpaper came back a couple years ago, and it no longer carries the stodgy image of grandmothers that it once had!!

One of my fave wallpaper companies is Osbourne & Little - they have really made wallpaper beautiful, modern and fun again. Here are some from their current collections:

My absolute fave!!! This room could easily have come across to "grandma"-like. But the patterns and fabrics are so now and fresh, that it looks amazing!!

It's actually the chair fabric I love here, which just pops on that cloth looking paper!

Love how mod this paper is!! Very fresh and young!

Domino often features papers like this in their magazine. The leather chaise looks so chic. A single city gal would love this room!

Very pretty for a guest bedroom

This would work anywhere.. has a kind of grasscloth look to it.

This is a little overboard for me, but I love how it looks here with this old desk!

Love this one. The colors and pattern are great. This would make a cool powder room paper.

Metallic paper makes me happy. I am looking for a great turquoise and silver to put in a huge frame in our living room.

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