Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Benefits of Commissioned Artwork

"Hope" by Matthew Bunce Beynham
"Burn" by Matthew Bunce Beynham"Feel" by Matthew Bunce Beynham
"Look" by Matthew Bunce Beynham

If you're interested in his work, contact him for more info. Matthew Bunce Beynham at or reach him by phone at 780-695-2748

You've probably heard me mention in the past about how Cory and I can not find artwork that we both love, at a reasonable price for our new place. Unfortunately, I believe this also has to do with the fact that he just does not understand art. So for the meantime, we have delayed purchasing anything to liven up our space and it is driving me nuts to have to look at bare walls. It makes our place feel so "unfinished".

Yesterday, my dear friend Matthew Bunce Beynham posted a couple of his new paintings. I love having friends who are artsy! I like his style and sent him a message asking if he worked in other colors... and thankfully he is not JUST a red guy :) He told me to choose my colors, and let him know the size I want, and feel I am going for, and he will do up a provisional design and price for me!!

I do have one piece that my mom had done for me from her friend. I also have a piece that my mom did for me, and I love them. I love knowing that someone created this, and it's not just a mass produced piece of art like some of the others I have from Ikea or Walmart.

Here's what appeals to me about a commissioned piece:

The piece is created FOR me. It's not just the artist running wild and hoping someone will love their vision. It is their interpretation on something I love. I can choose the colors, and the scale.

This is probably the most affordable option as I can give the artist my price point and they can work around it!! Plus, since my artist is a friend, the piece means something.

Have you ever had a piece of art commissioned? What did you have created?

What were your experiences with this type of art purchase? Tips or tricks on how to get what you've invisioned?

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Pork-Chop said...

Hey Cindy, Thanks for the plug.
My new number is 306 596 2748. Miss you loads, but loving life in Regina.