Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Challenge - Kerri's Living

My old neighbour just bought herself a condo. It's an older girl, and needs a little work. She sent out a request for input on what we think she should do with the fireplace. While it's certainly in good condition for an older model and if the budget wasn't there.. I am sure she could leave as is...she apparently has a budget for fixing.

I've given her two options:

1. Remove the wood and tile the surround. Flank with large trim and a huge chunky mantle! Option for above the mantle: get the largest mirror you can ( full height would be best) framed with thick moulding and use it to maximize the visual in such a small space!! Fix the front of the step thing with tile that matches what is used on top.

2. if you've got the budget, do a river rock or stonework surround, again with some sort of huge mantle. Depending on your decor style, the space is small so you could do the rock right up to the ceiling, for more rustic look.

What are your thoughts? Any tips or tricks I should pass on to her?

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