Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A few weeks ago, whilst at Ikea. I finally picked up the set of 4 baskets I had been eyeing for a while. I didn't know what I would use them for, but at 4 different sized baskets for $25.00, I felt I couldn't go wrong.

On display, they had even tipped the largest basket on it's side and fitted the two smaller ones inside as drawers which was uber-cute.

However, when i got home, they just sat waiting on the living room floor while I worked on another project... my mom had brought over some houseplants the week prior, but as they were re-potted, they were currently sitting in the ugliest plastic pots ever!!! I thought about maybe covering them in some scrapbook paper in a fun pattern that would pick up the blue in the room, but figured that might just look cheap - like a kid's art project.... then BAM!!! it hit me.

I was staring at the answer. I picked up the two pots and placed them in the two larger baskets that were the EXACT right sizes!!!

Now this left me with the two smallest baskets.. as they were no longer being used as drawers. But te problem immediately solved itself when i looked over at the coffee table - matching magazine baskets for Cory and I, one each.

I'm even going to pick up another set next time I am at Ikea - I'm sure I will think of a way to use them once they're here!!


Kylie said...

What a clever way to use them! I would never have thought of that. Don't you just love IKEA now? I feel like they have really revamped the store in the past couple of years.

Kylie from Bandelle

Stampin' Cindy said...

The baskets totally chic'd the plants up!!! I'm just waiting for some more plants to come from mom as I have a very lonely looking front entrance that is need of some sprucing up.