Thursday, July 24, 2008

Room Service

I loved Sarah Richardson back when no one knew her. I was a devoted Room Service watcher ( her show before Design Inc. and Sarah's House). I even taped episodes and cut pages out and kept them in my design files at home.

I also was a little sad when Design Inc. replaced Room Service, as it also seemed to mark the end of budget friendly stuff from Sarah.
Nonetheless, I still watch in awe as she and her team transform a space. Here are some of my fave rooms from the 5 seasons of Room Service

This room makes me think of a very uptown penthouse. I love that it looks expensive, but isn't too precious and actually looks like a room that would get used!!

I've always wanted a white front room. Essentially it would be the room that wouldn't get used as much, but still looks amazing. Perhaps when I get my office I'll create a white sitting area in it.

To me, this photo is a home that would be well loved, and well used. Typically I do not care for orange, or most warm colors for that matter, but they are so nice and cozy here and I love that they continued a theme throughout the living space to keep the vibe.
When I finally get a home that I own - the first thing I am going to do is the walls in all of them. I will wallpaper, paint and put up everything my heart desires. I love love loved the silvery grey walls, and then she went and added the silver-leafed squares and my heart melted. Back in the day, I even used silver cigarette package paper to cover my closet doors as a teen.
*side note: love the simple but elegant dining scape. Clear glass and white are my faves!!
Oh I would love to have a dining room this size!!! Plus there is something so elegant about wood panelling in a dining room. This room gets extra points as it has a window and that's rare in the showhomes near us!
I love how warm and cozy this bedroom looks! It makes me think of a cozy ski lodge in the mountains. Now don't let Cory know since I veto'd his idea of a brown and cream bedroom..
*side note: I think a cream colored able-knit throw would look much better at the foot of the bed!!!
Again, tugging at my heart strings with metallic!! However this would also look cool done in silver and then silvery-blue accent pillows would just pop!!
Hmmm.. I guess my previous comment was foreshadowing my love for this guest room. As soon as we own, I am turning our guest room into this!!!
* the headboard is button-tufted blue velvet!!!!!
Another masculine bedroom that I love. The only thing I would change is the carpet, and that's purely cause I hate red, so those carpets will never appeal to me!!
If your teenage daugther's bathroom looked like this, she might want to keep it clean!!

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