Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New addition.....

Today I welcome a new living addition to our home - in the form of a new house plant. We have a company at work who takes care of our plants ( poorly I must say.....) and my boss asked for a new plant in the front here as the one we had was looking a little worse for wear. I believe this to be because they only come like once every two weeks, so I've been watering the plants in the interim......

Anyhow, he brought us a brand new plant, so I asked if I could take home the one he removed. He said it should keep growing, especially if I cut off the flowers.

I will need to pop by the store on the way home and buy myself a new pot, but other than that, I am hoping it will thrive in it's new home!!

I'll keep you updated on it's new life!!

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