Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stuff got done....

On a personal level - I am happy to announce that a couple things that needed to get done around the house, got done last night!!! Yippee!! However, I would like to point out, that it was only because my mom was visiting!!

The wood blinds we have on the French Door to the patio had been driving me nuts ever since we moved in!!! Anytime the door was opened or closed, the bottom would slam against the door with a loud bang. So I complained to my mom and two tiny pieces of plastic later, she had them screwed into the door. Now, it only makes a little bit of noise from the middle. Sooo much better!!!

Also, I have always wanted some huge silver metal fork, knife and spoon scultures for the wall, but couldn't find any. Well a couple weeks ago, at the Fabric store, they had some smaller ones that were painted cream (fork and spoon only). They were in the clearance rack and had an additional 75% off!! So I nabbed them and the pair of them (with gst) cost me just over $6.00!!!!

I had been asking Cory to hang them since the night I brought them home. Well since the tools were out last night, I asked Cory to take 5 minutes out of watching Return of the Living Dead ( yes, I am serious.... :( ) to assist me with this!! I think they look totally cute and look great with the wall color!!

I'll post pics as soon as I take some ( as I am making a vow to start being better with the camera!!)

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