Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check out...

When I first started going to school, we checked books out of the library via the cards in the back pockets. We also searched for things via the card catalogues. As an avid reader, I spent a lot of time in the library and drew a particular fondness for these old cabinets.
In fact, several years ago, I saw an antique card catalogue in the home of former "The Practice" star Camryn Manheim, that she used to store jewelery in. So, I designed a sketch of a similar cabinet that I wanted, and had my mom build it. However, it has been sitting in the basement at my father's home for years, as after it was lacquered - a glossy black - Asian style. Mom told me it was up to me to pay for the hardware.

And with over 60 drawers (the thing is tall), at $5.60 (with bulk discount), I havent yet been able to factor in the purchase of several of these knobs

So until the time, I can afford the knobs, so that I can individually store each piece, labelled ever so....

I dream of cabinets like these

** Side note: I hope to start working on finishing my jewelery chest this year, and would love to line the wooden drawers - initially I was thinking teal satin or velvet - mom said the cost on this would be high and time consuming. She suggested flocking.... anyone have any experience with this??

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Clair said...

Cute blog you have here. :)

I'm looking for knobs like the ones in this post. Do you know the name of them and/or where to find them?