Monday, July 21, 2008

Making Progress

This weekend went pretty good. I was pretty lazy to be honest. However, we did get some progress on two of my projects!!!!

Cory got the barrister's cabinet sanded, and even started the staining for me!! But I have to say,that it didn't go so well. The wood doesn't seem to be taking the stain very well. After he rubbed off the first coat, we ended up with an interesting color.... we are using a black stain and the wood was a medium to light brown, and it only took the stain in the darkest cracks and crevices. So Cory turns to me and says, "well it looks rustic..." Which was totally cute cause that's so not his type of lingo lol. But unfortunately, the look I am going for, is NOT rustic. So this will not do. I figure it just needs a couple more coats.

Worse case scenario: it looks awful after a couple more coats so we will ditch the stain and get a glossy black lacquer paint, and play up an Asian inspired look. I'll post the before and after pictures when we're all done.

On my end, I managed to upholster the top of the storage ottoman. It looks really pretty. We went with the pretty silvery-blue swirly jacquard fabric. Plus, I am adding a row of large silver nail heads to the edging for a pretty, edgy-looking trim. Cory likes it so far as well - he even said it looked "professional". That made me pretty happy. However, while the top was easy, I am NOT looking forward to doing the base. Keep posted as I should hopefully be done by the end of the week!!!


I also came across this bedroom photo. LOVE the chaise. However, is it just me or does the room as a whole look like it is missing something???

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Joanna said...

a lamp at the corner by the door would lok great!