Friday, July 4, 2008

"Before" Photos of the house - right after we moved in; not quite settled!!

I havent' gotten around to posting too many photos of our new place, but here are some photos of what it looked like 2 weeks after we had moved in. We hadn't done much and were just working with what we had, but I needed to throw together something as we were having people over for the house warming.

As we change stuff, and add stuff, I'll update you with what we are doing. As we moved into a brand new place, there will unfortunately not be any DRAMATIC transformations, as in old house renos. But none the less.... it will hopefully not look as cold and un-lived in.

It is actually deceiving, as we don't actually have the whole thing. We have the top two floors, and half of the basement(storage/crawlspace/garage entrance). Our entrance is on the side of the building.The front entrance is an area that is still sitting pretty bare. To be fair, as we enter from the garage, we spend very little time there. We did add a mirror (behind the door) and a mat, but possibly a plant and some photos in the hall would warm it up.

Once you enter and head up all those stairs, you come up right between the two walls on the left side...

The main living area is all open, with vaulted ceilings, and an open railing to the loft area above.

The living room is still in the works..... as we are at a loss on what to put on the walls... shelves? art? a cabinet? There is also a huge window to the right of the fireplace that is waiting on a possibly drapes and a nice seatee of some kind.

The dining room is used often, and is one of the only rooms I am almost finished with... just starting the new sideboard!!

The kitchen is not really MY domain. I leave that up to Cory, so I apologize for any pics where it appears messy :) Please also note: I HATE THESE STOOLS!!! I NEVER WANTED THEM, THEY CAME WITH THE BOY!!! Thankfully, they are also too short, but they are filling in until we can find ones I like.

The masterbedroom is a room we sort of have not touched, mostly as we are focusing on rooms that guests see first - none of the bedding fits the bed, and so the entire room will change, once that is all in place. The nightstands are too small and we still have not decided on a headboard
It has a beautiful window, however the little vanity desk I have looks lost in the window alcove, so we're thinking of building a window seat instead.This dresser is brand new, and I love it. However, I hate the tv on top. I like the idea of having a tv in the bedroom for when I'm sick, but refuse to spend money on a small flat screen, considering the amount of time, we watch in there. I will probably just ditch it completely.
Lastly, there is our loft. It serves as both my office, studio and a family room-type tv room.

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