Thursday, July 3, 2008


The layout of our living room is a little awkward, and working with our current furniture, we were fairly limited as to our flooplan. (this is an old picture right after we moved in)

Now, everytime I sit in the dining area and look towards the tv, all I can think about is how ugly it is to have to look at the back of the loveseat. Which in this picture looks ok... but in person, is just very flat and bare. I'm torn as to whether or not to put a console table there though.....

In theory, I've always liked the concept. As the vignette looks different from whatever side you are looking at it, and it would add to the coziness of the room. However.... what you can't see in this picture is that the kitchen island is not too far behind the loveseat.

There is a fair amount of clearance so you COULD fit a table, and still walk thru, but I'm just wondering if it would close it off too much.

Here are some ideas that I've found at various stores., vote and tell me what you think would work. Please note, there is not much else in the room yet for accessories. Since it is the main space, we are taking our time.




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I LOVE option C - where did you find it??? Please email me -