Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holiday Productivity

Hola! You'll notice that I didn't post yesterday, as I was off for the Canada Day Holiday. However, unfortunately, Cory and I had different days off, so while he was at work... I decided to work around the house. Got very productive, I'm working on a variety of things: the new artwork for the living room, re-upholstering an ottoman and getting work done on the sideboard, I will be completing everything (hopfully this week) so I will post them as they are complete.

For now, check out this library.... I can not remember where I found this. But isn't it amazing??

What I would like to know is if these are the actual covers or did they have book covers made? And if these were actual covers, did one shop for books intentionally in this manner?? Like, hmmm... yellow's group is a little small - I must buy three yellow books today....

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