Wednesday, October 14, 2009

whirlwind and snowstorms

Yes you read that right... It's like full-on winter around here. Which is super depressing... I really quite like the cool crispness of fall. It's perfect for evening walks with loved ones!

Anyhow, it's been a whirlwind of activity around here! Albeit cold activities, but nonetheless, there's stuff happening.

First things first: I waited two days for a repair man to come and fix our pvr, to no I've rescheduled and now have to wait til the 22 to get the stupid thing to work properly.

We tackled a mini thanksgiving afterall! It was just Cory and I, but we did it. It was delicious but a lot of work for just us two.

I got the garage started. I know I planned to complete it, but in between waiting for repair men, getting my hair cut, almost getting frostbite at a pumpkin festival, and then realizing I didn't know how to properly work an extention ladder, things got delayed.

Actually, the delay is in the fact that after getting the ladder to extend, it does not feel safe. So I am leaving the rest of the project to a day when Cory is around to take me to the hospital when I fall. Besides, we don't have a garage opener yet...
Tonight: I am working on jazzing up a mini book that will collect ideas, stories and other goodness.

I wanna finish my scarf since it's appropriately cold outside.

I'd like to seek out a part-time gig to start saving for some big summer plans!

I've still got some stamp sets to sell, and a lot of bites, but no one picking up the goods! Time to discount some prices!

There are pics from the weekend to download and get some blog posts geared up!

I think it's time to dust off my sewing machine, and get started on some holiday crafts. Plus, some yoga pants to hem.

Plus, there are two upholstered pieces waiting for me to get some time, money and patience, so I can finally finish them!

It's a creative-feeling day! Wish me luck!

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