Thursday, October 1, 2009

Be Our Guest.... aka The Pine Room

Last week, you saw where our houseguests freshen up. Today, I'm showing you where they rest their weary heads!
We don't get too many houseguests, but my mom comes in about once a month, and stays for a night or more.... Plus, there's the occassional "too many drinks" party guest who catches some zzzzs. So, while we opted not to spend a dime in here, and will get around to it once all the other rooms are complete, it still needed to be cozy and hospitable.
Unfortunately, what that means, is that it's where all the cast-offs ended up! Thankfully, they somehow managed to be all the same type of wood : PINE! So at least the look is cohesive.
However, it is the only room in the entire house that doesn't feature dark ebony or espresso woods... so I affectionately refer to it as the "pine room".

(Currently it's sporting a bright, summer look!)

The beautiful Lily Canvas was a Walmart score a few years back!

The purple floral sheets were found at Costco
White duvet is from Ikea and it needs a cover.
Little velvet pillow (reverse side is leopard print) was a gift.
We have yet to make an upholstered headboard for this room!
Purple "throw" is a beaded sari-like piece I got at Home Sense, in the table linen aisle, years ago. **I once wrapped it around stacked milkcrates, as a make-shift end table in my first apartment**

~The armoire is a piece I designed as a teenager, and my mom built! It houses decor pieces like vases, frames, candles, etc. (some shelves got ruined during moving, so when they're fixed and organized, I'll show you what's inside!!)
~The little nightstand was from Cory's bachelor days, and is an Ikea piece.
~The glass based lamp was from Homsense (aka US - HomeGoods)
~ A little clock and picture frame keep it pretty
~The plant arrived this week from a lady at work, giving them away!

This side of the room needs some work!!
~ The dresser has been mine since I was born!! Currently, it houses guest room bed linens!
~The chest was a hope chest designed by me, and made by my mom, when I was a teenager (it matches the armoire). It holds gifts and linens, as well as a few things from my childhood!
~The flower artwork is Ikea
~ The painting is an original by My Mom, a Christmas gift two years ago.
There is also a huge closet on one wall that I apparently forget to photograph. It houses Cory's old dresser, and off-season clothing. This closet is in disarray and needs some storage boxes, and the like.
Overall, the room serves a purpose and is nice. But overall, I see something completely different, long-term!
We'll probably paint/re-stain all the furniture, if we don't buy new stuff.
The linens and accessories will change, once we select a headboard fabric.
Accessories will come into play once everything else is chosen.
For now though, it's fine as is, and since it's not MY room... I'm ok with it!


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