Thursday, October 15, 2009

on being 27

yesterday was my birthday.

a lot has happened in the last year: Cory and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary, we bought, built and moved into our first house, and I lost my job which prompted me to take a much lower paying job, that I love.

It's been a rough road, but it's been a fantastic one.

This is however, the first year in ages, that I won't be "celebrating" as usual. Typically, I've always done dinner with the family, and then either had people over, or had a night out with friends. This year, Cory alluded to the fact that he was planning a big surprise - you know, cause I planned a huge surprise party for him..... However, I guess he's been so busy with work, he just didn't get around to it :(

So, it will be a quiet one this year. We tried a new restaurant last night, Murietta's. Overrated for sure... He's also taking me shopping tonight, as my gift. For work clothes, so I'm excited!

I was going to try and line up some bowling with out friends last minute, but I hear everyone is busy... so maybe next week?

Oh, and I took todayoff! So this was an exceptionally short, 3 day, work week for me!

What I did:

~slept in

~ stayed home so the City inspectors could come and give me my occupancy permits!

~ some part-time job sourcing

~basic lollygaging!

Hope your day was wonderful!

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