Friday, October 30, 2009

Pitiful Pumpkin

So, sometimes I have really good ideas.... sometimes I don't.
Let me explain:

I thought it would be a fantastic idea to visit the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch with Rebecca, who I am a "big sister" to, with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Unfortunately, the day we went, was right after the first snow of the season, it was freezing. I was soooo cold, I thought I had frostbite, and we left before we could do the maze...

We did however, get a chance to buy our pumpkins! Here we are in one of the greenhouses:

Since we only get together every 2 weeks now, I let my pumpkin sit with the other pumpkin I had, in the front entrance, cause one was still ripening. They looked great in the entrance!

Last week, when Rebecca and I got together, we carved our Halloween pumpkins.

I got fancy templates, and a little carving kit and everything!!
They turned out great!

However, I forgot to get a picture of it illuminated right away!!
Unfortunately, within a day, my pumpkin was starting to wilt and look disgusting (it was inside, as it was cold at night). So I thought maybe it was too hot, and stuck the carved one outside, to keep it cool.

It snowed that night. The pumpkin looks worse, and you can't for the life of you, decipher what it is, that I carved.... :(
So, to spare you any urge to vomit... I am opting not to show you the picture of what is currently sitting on our front step....
Luckily, we do have a spare pumpkin, as Cory never got around to carving his! I might do it tomorrow afternoon. Or.... I might just leave it in it's natural state....
But it was a fun activity nonetheless!

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