Monday, October 5, 2009

Holiday Decor

I'm not much of a fan of Halloween, but I do enjoy Holiday Decor! I think it's partly because I'm a fall baby!!
Unfortunately, the interior of my house, does not lend itself to matching Autumn I'll be keeping my Harvest-themed decorating to a minimum. Especially since we don't get a lot of company during these busy holidays....

I had a grand plan for a gorgeous Autumnal Porch display, that included large planters of mums, and rustic furniture, but with a small no budget, and the fact that fall dissappeared, and winter came so early.... I'm keeping it simple.

This wreath was made by me, last year. (It doesn't look as good on this door as it did on our old door, sadly )

In lieu of pots full of dark purple and red mums, I'll be adding potted faux evergreens (they're still to come, as they're getting a makeover this weekend). Plus, there are two pumpkins keeping warm in the front entrance (we have snow here).
**Excuse the un-finished look of our porch treads - the builder needs to finish those next spring!**

Inside, I wanted to do SOMETHING. But with little money, supplies or time, I simply "autumned up" my current display. I was pretty happy with how it looked until I just took photos... it looks so bare

I simply switched out the blue candle, and replaced it with a nice orange one ( one a clear plastic box to add height). I added faux leaves around the lantern, trying to replicate the look of leaves falling/fallen. A few little clusters of berries and some pumpkins and gourds round out the look.

Currently our two larger pumpkins sit on the floor underneath, keeping warm outta the snow, but will be carved next weekend and put out on the porch.

Last but not least, my dining table always has an appropriate centerpiece! A large white fruit bowl is the perfect background for faux leaves, pumpkins, berries and gourds. Easy peasy.

Cost Breakdown:
Lantern - already had ($30.00 from Homesense)
Candle - already had ($25.00 from Costco for 3)
leaves/mini pumpkins/gourds/berries - already had ($9.97 from Walmart; packaged in clear box used for staging**)
white bowl - already had
real pumpkins - $7.00 ( 1 was a gift from my mom's friend's garden; the other came from a pumpkin patch I visited on Sunday).
wreath and hanger - already had ( all supplies from Michael's; cost was under $30.00)
porch trees - already had (Walmart)
Total Cost $7.00 *
* would have been free, but I wanted 2 pumpkins, one for each of us.

It's nothing much, but it's a bright surprise to look at when we get home from work! I'll be buying more decorations for next year though....

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