Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guest goodie basket

A few weeks ago, I showed you what our guest bedroom looks like. Keep in mind, we've done absolutely no "decorating" in there, other than to set it up once we moved in. Nothing new has been purchased, and none of the items, have been selected for the space. It's full of pieces I had as a kid.

Anyhow, despite not buying anything for the space until it's decorated, we still want it to be a comfy little abode for the few guests we do get. HI MOM!!

So in addition to adding a bright, bushy plant (free- from my boss' wife!), and taking the rag-mag basket to the nightstand, there's now a little goody basket of supplies, incase our guests have forgotten something at home.

I hope to get something a little fancier down the road, but for now, I put together what I had, and it's serving a purpose, much like the room!

Here's how I created this in less than a minute:

~this pretty silver basket once held a perfume gift set, I believe

~ scrunched up some tissue paper for the bottom

~add a little washcloth

~ some hotel sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and handlotion (even though there are some in the guest bath)

~ a copy of "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown so that they have something smart to read if they don't care for the Us Weekly magazines in the basket by the bed

~ an extra toothbrush

~ lavender linen spray, cause I know how hard it is to fall asleep away from home

~ a fresh bar of fancy french soap. ( we use body wash, but some people don't care for it...)

That's it! How about you? Any suggestions on stuff to add? Do you have a guest basket at your casa? What's inside? I'd love to hear!

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Kate- said...

I am shocked that you do not have any comments (atleast on the first page). Your home is beautiful, blogs are great, are you are super creative, and I've only just touched the surface!
Keep up the amazing work!

I saw your blog profiled on Z Gallerie!