Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.. haunting me!

Last week, mom was in town because Home Depot was having a flooring sale, and she wanted to pick up some laminate to re-do her living room floors, and finally rip out the nasty carpet she inherited with the place!

While we were there, we looked around at different stuff, even though we weren't really in the market for anything. Outta the blue, we happened to notice a SUPER-SONIC SALE!! They had a fantastic little toilet on sale for $42!!!!!

I know, you're thinking that's a weird thing to get excited about, as I'm not doing a renovation of any kind... and I just moved into a brand new home. However, we do have an unfinished basement. with a rough-in for another 2 piece bath. it's small scale. really small scale. $42 dollars is a fantastic buy

So I texted Cory and he also mentioned it was a good buy. my mom and I couldn't get over it. I even imagined myself buying the toilet, and storing it in the box, right where it would find a permanent home down the road.

But, since we've been trying very hard to save every penny, and only buy necessities, I left empty-handed.

Now, I'm kicking myself and wondering when I will ever find such a good looking, small scale, well priced toilet ever again.....
My gut feeling tells me that I should probably head over to see if they have any left......



rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

hi! this is my first visit to your blog, but i've been exactly where you are- at the store facing a great deal, but needing to save $$, too! my experience is that when you're ready to renovate (or add that little bath), there will be another deal. you may have to look around, but you'll find it. we're renovating a home right now, and i have to keep my $$ focused where it will do the most good... so i keep passing up GREAT deals, knowing there will be the perfect thing for the perfect price when i have the money to spend on it!
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I am also new to your blog and I a really enjoying reading your stories. Don't worry too much about the toilet, it probably just wasn't meant to be. Those kind of things happen to me all the time. Next time when this happens to you you should just make the purchase and go for it!