Tuesday, October 27, 2009

migraine madness plus progress updates

I've had a migraine since yesterday... and a tummy ache for that matter... spent most of last night under a blanket, on the couch. :(

I even had a post all ready to go for yesterday.. but I never got around to downloading photos and adding them.. so tonight it is!

Here's what's on for the week:
+ I got a pumpkin carved this weekend, and we've got one more that MIGHT get sawed up tonight as well.... I'll share the photos this evening.

+ Cory isn't working as much this week, so I have my fingers crossed that I will get all the camping gear stored up in the loft, since there will be someone to help me man the ladder.

+ I finished my multi-colored scarf. I was really excited about it. Unfortunately, it's too wide, and not long enough..... so now it is a cat blanket. A little sad - but happy to say I finally finished a knitting project, and excited to get the new one started. Cory wants a scarf now -it's gonna be black and blue. Plus I have some gorgeous teal yarn lined up for me!!!

+ one porch tree is finished and ready for set-up. The other is in storage, in the garage rafters. Gonna get Cory to get it down tonight, so it can be painted up by end of week

+ gonna search out the foam, and get fabric panels cut for the storage ottoman this week!! I can't guarantee sewing them together... but it'll be finished in November sometime. Looking forward to finishing it. Possibly a good candidate for the front hallway!

+ picked up a new little decor item this weekend - a gift from Cory. My vision for it, isn't making me smile though...one I'm happy with it's styling, I'll share some photos!!

+ the cats have not yet scratched at the zebra ottoman since I've brought it inside, which means I am GOOD TO GO, on re-upholstering the base they destroyed when they were kittens!

+ the office is FOR SURE getting cleaned up this weekend, as Christmas projects are starting come November!!!!

it's a wet, rainy one here- but that's better than snow, so I'll chalk it up to spending the evening at the gym!!!

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like pretty much everyone has been sick lately!!! And you have a busy week ahead! I wish I was as organized as you...even when I make lists I hardly get anything done :P