Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get crafty : sooooo NOT a seamstress. A completed project!!

Last night Cory had to work quite late. That meant I was left to my own devices, which is never a good thing. Except last night!

Yes, that's right! I was getting stuff done! I even whipped out the ole' sewing machine. Well, technically, it's only a year old yesterday - it was last year's b-day gift!! Unfortunately, it got used maybe three times, before I whined that I needed people to buy me fabric, and then it got packed for moving and sat in the new office closet ever since.

Well, no more!! Last night, it created a wearable piece of clothing! I've had these yoga pants for about a year. Unfortunately, I'm short (5'1" short), and pants never are! So these sat in my fabric box, waiting for me to tend to them. Admittedly, I was a little scared... I'm not a great seamstress!
But for some reason, I got them out, and whipped them into shape. I've done up a little tutorial, which I know is stupid, cause I'm a poor sewer. But I know there are people out there worse than me, who are probably also scared, and I'm sure this might help.

So here goes nothing:

1. Put on pants that need hemming. ( I find this is best, you should also wear the shoes you plan to wear with them, to get the best length.) FOLD EXCESS PANT INSIDE!!!!! It works best if someone pins the pants while you wear them, cause otherwise they're probably not gonna be straight cause you're bent over. This isn't always possible, like with me, I wing it!! Then re-examine pinned hem when I take them off. **Most people would then press their pants to get a nice, clean crease. That's not me... plus these are yoga pants, iron is bad's up to you.***

2. Re-examine hem to make sure it's straight. Remember, that your legs are also a little different in length, so they may not be exactly same length.....but you can do one and copy the other if that's your thing. ** KEEP PANTS RIGHT-SIDE OUT **

3. Rig up your sewing machine with proper color thread. Choose appropriate stitch (if you are lucky enough to have this option; if you don't, you can go over stitches more than once if you wanna make sure they're good. Which might be smart if your fabric is stretchy....) ** I used a straight stitch first, then overtop - a double zig-zag stitch, for security, plus I thought it looked like the surger stitches on the rest of pants.... but that's me **

4. Turn pants inside-out, cut all loose threads, and then use sharp scissors to cut off the excess pants, underneath your new hem!!!!

5. Try those babies on, and admire your butt in the mirror for a bit!!!

6. Smile and realize you're not a total sewing failure!!!!

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