Friday, October 2, 2009

Creating Calm : Daily Cleaning Schedule

Since the recent purchase of our new house, I really want to take good care of our place. At the same time, I don't have the time to clean our house from top to bottom every day... HECK, I can barely manage to get myself showered, dressed, with a packed lunch to work on time 5 days of the week!!

So, in an effort to make this the year of change, and get me more organized, and as Domestically-Wonderful as all my friends think I am, I decided to tackle house cleaning HEAD ON!!

Of course, since I have a fascination with making lists, and writing things down, I decided to make a few lists/charts:

1. List of all Rooms/Large Areas that need cleaning/organizing

2. List of tasks per room

3. rooms chart

4. list of what rooms were best suited to be cleaned on what days

I think the end result will work out perfectly! Here's how it breaks down:

Monday : Master Bed & Bath
~change linens; make bed
~remove all items that do not belong; clear and dust all surface tops
~fold and put away any laundry
~dust baseboards, blinds, lampshades and windowsills
~windex all windows, pictures and mirrors
~ clean toilet
~scrub shower
~ wipe down counters, cabinet fronts, switchplates, door knobs and sink
~ refill any toiletries (ex. handsoap, toilet paper, q-tips)
~ take out the trash
~organize one area per week (ex. 1 drawer; 1 shelf, etc.)

Tuesday : Guest Room & Bath; Linen Closet, Upstairs Hall
~ Change linens (if required); make bed
~ Dust all surface tops, blinds, baseboards and lampshades
~ update guest magazine basket with new issues
~ water plant
~ windex all windows, mirrors and pictures
~clean toilet
~ clean shower (if needed)
~ wipe down counters, sink, cabinet fronts, switchplates, door knobs,
~ empty garbage
~refill toiletries
~ organize one area per week (ex. closet/armoire/ cabinet, etc.)
~ Vaccum entire upstairs and hallway
~Wash floors in bathroom and master bath

Wednesday: Living/Dining/ Powder Room/Entry
~ Windex all windows, doors, pictures, glass tables and glass-front pictures
~ tidy up front hall closet
~ change up front hall display area (if needed; seasonal)
~ clean toilet
~wipe down countertops, sinks, switch plates, baseboards and door knobs
~ change out clean and dirty towels; send sofa throws to laundry
~ empty wastebaskets
~ refill toiletries
~ corrall all magazines into appropriate baskets
~ return all items that don't belong, to their appropriate rooms
~ vaccum sofa/loveseat cushions; arrange cushions
~ water plants
~ dust all surfaces and blinds
~swiffer main floor; wash floors
Thursday: Office
~attend to all incoming mail; pay bills; read correspondance; RSVP to invites; cut coupons, etc.
~file all paperwork
~ finish up any craft projects; put away all supplies
~file away any books, magazines, etc. that need to find homes
~empty trash
~clean up computer desktop
~ dust all surfaces, blinds and baseboards
~wipe down switchplates and door knobs
~windex windows and desk top
~**tackle one organization area /week (ex. drawer or shelf)
Friday : First Impressions - Front Porch, Deck, Patio
~ plant maintenance - watering, dead-heading, re-potting, etc.
~ sweep/hose down or shovel/scrape all areas; wipe down outdoor furniture
~ attend to any season decor issues/projects
Saturday : Kitchen, Powder Room
**if we have people over, I do a whole house tidy**
~ clear counters
~ wipe down all counters, sinks, knobs, handles, cabinet fronts, baseboards
~ do dishes/run dishwasher
~ clean fridge - throw out all expired foods; make grocery list
~ tackle one organization area per week ( ex. one drawer, or cupboard)
~clean powder room same as previous
Sunday : Garage & Car
~ take out all garbage and recycling
~ tidy up workbench/potting bench/craft space
~ put away/ take out any items from storage
~ sweep/hose down garage
~ empty all garbage from car
~ remove all items that do not belong
~ vaccum thoroughly (carpet cleaner if needed)
~ dust & use protectant on all leather/vinyl areas
~ windex all windows / mirrors
~ Febreeze upholstery and interior
~ re-stock all car supplies (ex. kleenex, wet wipes, etc.)

That's pretty much the base of it!! There's always stuff left off, or additional stuff I do as needed. Plus, there is a list of stuff I do monthly - but I think this list will keep me (and Cory) on track!!
photo from Real Simple

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