Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping list : Craft Supplies

I've got a slew of crafty goodness projects coming to life in my mind.

In reality: I am short on a ton of supplies to get everything finished. Here's my (running) list of stuff I need to stock up on:

+double side adhesive snail (typically I use stampin' up!, but willing to try another good brand-)

+neutral card stock. I am low on white and black. (also typically use stampin' up!)

+embellishments for my Christmas wreath. I am tearing apart last year's attempt and starting from scratch. Not sure what to add... Simple pinecones, snowflakes and plastic balls might be nice and simple (dollar store and michael's)

+maybe a meter and a half of black fabric (probably ultrasuede) to replace the destroyed zebra ottoman base

+ tsp


+white paint and some good brushes. I have a few pieces of furniture on the way that need some freshening up!

+ebony interior wood stain

+blue flocking gun and product

+more black satin spray paint (krylon)

+tons of baseboard or moulding trim

+ a roll of thin cork

*see? I'm not lazy, nor am I short of fantastic ideas...i'm just short on supplies. And there's always something each month more pressing for me to spend my hard earned cash on sigh...

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