Thursday, October 22, 2009


Morning! There's not much been happening on the home front lately, so that's why the posts have been few and far between.

Oh, that's not to say there aren't a million and one projects swirling around in my head - there are!! It's just that the bf and I have both been incredibly busy lately. So any project that needs his help, has been put on hold.... which drives me insane. Also, any project that requires some financial investment, was on hold, but starting to see the light of day!!

But I seem to be hitting a wall with starting projects, and then not finishing them. So I am here to document them, and get it out there, to put some accountability on myself, and actually finish them.

Here are some projects that have been in the works for a while now, and their current state:

~Wheeled storage ottoman/bench - this is probably the oldest in-progress project, which makes me sad. This is gonna be gorgeous when it's done. Currently, the finished top has been sitting, in protective plastic for almost 2 years?? I'm pretty sure I have enough fabric, foam and nailhead trim to finish this ( probably....). It needed a sewing machine - i have one now, I'd like to get some work done on this on the weekend! **this might find a home in the front entrance**

~Master Bedroom Upholstered Headboard - this is something I have been dreaming of for years. I know exactly what I want. My mom made the wood frame, with legs and everything. However, this project still needs foam, fabric and nailhead trim to be purchased. That requires $$$ . I am going to start putting some aside, to put towards this project. I will also, in the interim, start looking for fabric I love!! This will be a 2010 project, but I vow to finish it sooner than later!

~Coffee Table & End Table Re-finishing - a freebie, these are great scale tables! Only problem? Bad color! I found the stain, it needs to be purchased. I just need Cory to sand them down, as I have a fear of sanding! I want this done by the end of November. I want it to finally look right for our big Christmas party.

~ Zebra Ottoman fix - this is not so much a project in the works, so much as it is a piece of furniture that is out of commission. Cause: 2 baby kittens!! Yes, when the boys were babies, they used it as a scratching post - something about ultrasuede that they love... I love the top, it's undamaged. The bottom....needs new foam and new fabric. Another one of those projects that needs more $$ than I have right now, but it's on the list, for 2010.

~Christmas Wreath - I started this last year, but hated what I did. So it's pretty much been torn apart, and I need to start anew. I'm looking forward to this one - it will be fun to create something that will look right with the new house's exterior seasonal decor!!

~Painted lit porch tree pots - I started painting the pots of my two porch trees, to get them to have a cohesive look. I have one half-done. I will finish them by the weekend, so that I can get these babies in place on the porch.

** hmmm.. I thought there were a lot more things... but that's all I can remember right now.

Anyhow, they're out there now so I better deliver!!

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