Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Current Project: the place where things go to die.... The Office

Currently, there are 2 very daunting "rooms" in my house that are challenging me to clean them:
The Garage (see next week), and the Office.

You see, both of these "rooms" were unpacked, however, I never actually put anything away.... if that makes sense....

I have a beautiful, organized, enviable vision in my head of what I want each room to look like. However, when I wake up from that wonderful dream, I realized that I don't have anywhere near the budget I'd need to create them.
So, for now, I'm determined to turn them each into something useful, workable, and organized.
Here's the BEFORE (or should I say, CURRENT):

There's even a lovely, walk-in closet, for all my craft stuff:I know, I'm ashamed......but I have been working on it!

I started clearing out drawers and getting rid of, and selling stuff I don't use!

I hope to tackle this room in pieces all week, and hopefully share a much improved space with you, next week!

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