Friday, October 9, 2009

70% sure.... Wallpaper??

In an effort to properly complete the decorating in our new house, I decided that it made the most sense to completely finish decorating an entire room, before I move on to another...

Makes sense right? So, from now on, whatever money we have in our budget available for decorating - will go towards finishing a "room", not acquiring "pieces". The room I am most anxious to finish is the powder room.
I showed pics of it back in August and while I'm pleased with how it looks right now, I'm not completely happy with it.

Here's a list of what I feel it's missing:

~proper artwork
~ something to fill the void in the little cubby next to the vanity
~ a fix for the towel bar (it seems too big... or soemthing??)
~ a little more pizzaz*

*enter - my current idea: Wallpaper!! (the colors are prettier in person - that's actually a metallic SILVER)

I mentioned a while back that I had fallen in love with two (one for the bedroom, one for powder room) from Rona and after much deliberation, forgot about it. However, when I visited Cory at work a couple weekends ago, I noticed that there was a roll that someone had opened, and it appeared people had been ripping pieces off, as samples. Since it was already opened, and the roll pretty much destroyed, I decided to grab a tiny corner for myself (NOTE: I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS TO AN UN-OPENED, WRAPPED ROLL!!)

I brought it home to see how it looked, and what Cory thought! He loved it!! Which totally shocked the hell outta me!

( to the left of the toilet, is a HUGE blank, wall that is crying out for attention!!)

So, it's now officially back in my head. Unfortunately, the sample I snagged is too small to gauge via camera ( plus, the metallic-ness of the paper on such a small scale, didn't photo well....) but I figured I would show you the pics of the room, and the picture off the site altogether, and put it out there: YAY OR NAY?

Right now, we're about 70% sure it's what we want to do. But, for whatever reason, wallpaper scares me a little. I know it's not permanent - but it's a bigger commitment than paint. Plus, we really love the paint color in the house right now....
I'm also torn as to whether or not to paper the whole room. I know that powder rooms are such a great place to take a leap of faith and go crazy with wallpaper, since they make such a dramatic change... but i'm worried that with the dark floors, and vanity, it might be too much!

Let me know what you think please. I'd love all comments!!


Mrs in Training said...

Hi! I'm new to commenting on blogs, but I think you should definitely wall paper the whole thing! We are doing a silver/gray damask in our study, which is also very dark floors. I did a mock up here:

And I think dramatic powder rooms are SO fun. I just finished mine in August, and I love having such big style in such a small room!

Can't wait to see pictures of your space!

tiffany said...

i think that if you are unsure about the wallpaper and like the color. you should use it for a backdrop or cover it on one wall. that way if you dont like it when you finish then you can always take it off. but if you do like it and want more you can finish the whole room. hope that helps!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this wallpaper that you found and I think it'll look great in the bathroom! Go for it!!! The fact that you found it when you weren't lookng for it is a sign. My favorite buys are the one's that just happen!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

I'm glad to hear some positive comments on the paper. I am pretty sure we'll do it, but it'll all come down to finding time. I'll be sure to share the how-to and before and after pics when we do!