Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chalk it Up!

Most people don't know this  about me, but I have an aversion to chalk. As such, even though I've loved the look of chalkboards, I've never actually jumped on the bandwagon and added one to my space. Until today...

Lately I've been thinking of adding one, in some form, to my home. I even went out and purchased a can of chalkboard paint last week. But I wasn't exactly sure where or what I wanted to "chalk board". 

I was planning on maybe making my own with some scrap lumber from one of our construction sites. Then I happened across this little beauty at Winners.

It was everything!! The sweet little size was not too small that you wouldn't see it on the porch,  but small enough that it wasn't too big to use on a table too!  It was sandwich board style, which was great cause I wouldn't be limited to where I mounted it! The perfect turquoisey blue, chippy paint on a sweet vintage looking metal frame. Complete with a fleur-de-lis! 

I had visions of using it everywhere!! It would work in any room, on the porch, in the garden!!! 

But of course, there's the aversion to chalk... So I set out on a mission to find me some chalk markers. I managed to luck out at <a href="">Michaels</a> and picked up a white one and a multi pack in muted fall colors. While the markers are obviously wet and make using chalk a lot easier, I'm not gonna lie, I still cringe a little while using them... But as long as I keep the tip fairly fluid, I make do. 

( they look dark here but they are muted mustard, rust, sage and eggplant) 

I went with a super simple message, a few doodles and a pretty maple leaf:

I really love how it's adding a sweet little message and some personality to my porch! 

I can't wait to change up the greeting over and over for the seasons/holidays and moving this beauty around. 

Since I had picked up the chalkboard paint last week, I practically jumped for joy when I saw this empty frame sitting in the clearance section at HomeSense. A former mirror that had apparently broken, they were selling the frame "As Is". It was the perfect grey/blue/whitewashed color and I thought it might be cool to paint the wall and then hang the frame atop. 

Now that I've found something else and of course seen actually how big this thing is inside, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do.  However I'm sure I'll find something and I couldn't pass it up at such a great price! 

Any ideas on what else I should do with it?

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