Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Sombre Artwork

Last week, I stopped by Goodwill as I am always looking for some ornate looking frames to add to my stairwell collection. Usually, there's nothing, but on this trip there was quite a few, so I snagged myself one large one and two smaller ones. 

I hadn't gotten around to painting them white for the stairwell yet and realized that their golden tone would be PERFECT for featuring some sort of Halloween artwork.  This is probably the EASIEST Halloween craft EVER.... unless you consider how long it will take you to make a decision on what you want to put inside your frame! 

There are so many amazing people out there, creating such great FREE PRINTABLES that I knew I had to feature a few of my favorites!

I'm a bird fan of birds in decor, so I decided to print off this template and this template

I simply just found ones I liked and printed them off on some card stock and popped them into the gilded frames! I really like how they turned out. I'd even be tempted to keep these up year round! 

I went with something "Halloweenish" that complemented my decor but you could certainly go with something scary like some old portraits of creepy looking people or some Halloween themed words in the shape of a pumpkin, etc. 

Whatever works for you, I say go for it! 
If you really wanted to be fancy, you could use editing software to print your image in sepia tone or something else fun, but I liked the crisp white on mine!

I did however want to throw a little "cobwebs" on mine to give them a true Halloween effect, since the images weren't really spooky.  I seem to be going with a birds them in my decor this year and I'm just fine with that! I haven't actually done any Halloween staging yet, so this isn't where these will stay, but I like the look of them on the wall!


What sort of images are you putting in your Halloween vignettes?  Since I missed a post yesterday, I'll feature two on Friday, since my printer was out of ink and it took me an extra day to get this one completed!  Hope you're enjoying these simple d├ęcor ideas!  :)

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