Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: A "Murder" Wreath

All this week, I will be posting quick and easy crafts with a Halloween theme!  The goal was simple:  they had to take little time to create; they had to be very inexpensive; they had to suit my Halloween décor, which is very minimalist and more elegant than child-friendly.  Today's craft literally took me less than 5 minutes and probably cost me around $12.00.
While I don't always go all out decorating for holidays, I almost always have a wreath up! My mom even commented this past weekend that she always checks my wreaths out every time she visits as there's always something new!  While I usually just leave up my Autumn Leaves wreath, I thought it might be fun to try something new, a little more "Halloween-y".  I don't know if I will be putting it on the front door or keeping it in the entry way, I'm still loving this new wreath.
The title makes this sound a lot scarier/grosser/creepier than it is.  My version of a "murder" wreath was more punny than anything... as in a Murder of Crows!  This was a super easy wreath to create and can easily been taken apart and made into something else, if needed.
So let's get started, shall we?
Here are the supplies I used to create this wreath:
-Round foam wreath form; maybe $6.00? purchased at Michaels with a coupon
- Black feather boas (I used small, cheap ones and used about 4 - 5 to get a nice, full effect) ; Dollarama $1.25 each
- Stapler
-Decorative accent (glittery clip on crow);
less than $2.00 Michaels
-Ribbon (for hanging); Free from my stash
1. First up, I stapled the string end to the wreath form to get it started.

2. Then I simply wrapped the boa around and around the wreath. 

When I got to an end of a boa, I simply stapled it, and then stapled on a new end.  Easy-peasy.
I wanted mine nice and full and didn't want any of the form to show through, so I made sure mine was nice and fluffy and used more boas than probably needed. :)

4. Once I was done, I simply needed to add on my decorative element(s).  I had a black and glittery orange bellied clip-on crow, so I simply attached him.  I don't quite think he's making a huge impact with his black on black, so I am looking for something else, but he's pretty cute.
5.  Then I simply looped some ribbon around and then hung it behind the mirror in the front entry!  I didn't buy ribbon specific for this project, I just used a simple black and white polka dot I had on hand and that worked nicely for me. Burlap could also be cute!  Simply lopping it behind this heavy mirror meant I didn't need to put a hole in the wall to hang it, which was super simple!

Here's you can see how lush and full it is.  You can also see the bird, but I think there's something BIG missing so I have my eye out for something large that will really make this thing POP!! 

 Yes, I realize that technically having only one crow showing, means this is not a murder.... but the pack is implied with all those darn feathers!!  Which were EVERYWHERE by the way - my cat was in heaven, stealing them and running away faster than I'd ever seen!  But it was quick, inexpensive and something I'd wanted to create for a while.  It doesn't scream Halloween, which was perfect for my front entry mirror!

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