Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Loves

Today is my Birthday.  Yup, this girl is now 32!!  Yikes!

In honour of my Birthday, I thought I would share a few things that were on my "Wish List" this year!   Some of the items I have already received, some of them I will be receiving, one or two might be purchased BY me FOR me, and the rest will be getting bumped to my Christmas list.

In no particular order, here are the things I'm wishing for right now:

I REALLY want to make drapes for the living room.  I've had my eye on the fabric for a couple years now, I think I am 100% sold on it being the right choice so I will be ordering several yards from Tonic Living right away.

I've been dreaming of this beautiful gold Bar Cart for some time now to add a little storage and some vignette space in my dining space!  I love that the base of the cart is a matte gold, the handles are a dark wood and the surfaces are mirrored!  Who would have thought I would be open to adding GOLD to a space?!
I've been wanting a Silver watch for some time now.  When Fossil came out with the colored face watches, I was super excited!  I love the turquoise and am pretty sure I need to have it.  I'd prefer it in a traditional boyfriend style though, but they don't have one... so we'll see how I like it on.

The hose on my carpet cleaner was cracked and it was definitely time for a new one.  There is not an item that I have relied on more since moving into this house. Without it, I would have ripped up my carpet 2 months into living here..... While the new one doesn't heat the water, I regularly use hot water, so this should be fine.  I am excited to put the old one out at the curb!!

I have also asked for a circular saw since I don't own one and occasionally need a saw for a project and have to wait around for a buddy to come by and cut things for me. I have no idea what brand to look for. I need something small, inexpensive and easy to use. Any suggestions? 

What do u have your eye on right now? 

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