Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Porch 2014


The weather cooled down quite a bit this week so I finally got around to setting the porch up with a little bit of a "Harvest" theme.  I'll admit that I really struggled with putting it together this year. I had a vision of what I wanted things to look like, but really couldn't find what I was looking for to put things together.  I've decided to create a running list, so I'll be looking for some great vintage items throughout the year to hopefully get it down for next year.

Also, it's a bit too early for real pumpkins and gourds (they have them in stores but I think they'd be gross by Halloween, so I am delaying buying them until late October). 

Anyways, here's what it looks like now. I'm certain things will change up a little bit, from now until I  I bust out the Halloween additions, but I think it looks welcoming so it's a nice start!

(excuse the dirt all over the walk, I had some rolls of sod sitting there last week and was a bit too chilly to want to get the hose out today)
First up, I added a little potted mum to "Hootie" the planter, as he had been a little lonely since I transplanted his roses.  Home Depot had these 6" pots for $1.99.  I like that the colors were very muted jewel tones.
Some of my summer planters are still hanging in there so I only picked up one big potted mum to add to the stairs.  It's just starting to bloom, so should fill out nicely over the next couple weeks and be proportionate in size to the other planter.  I tucked Solomon the Scarecrow into one of the pots and he sways around nicely in the wind.
I brought the battery powered lanterns from the back deck up front as I like the steps to look full.
I left them dirty and I like that they are starting to rust a bit.
I needed something larger for the bottom step to keep each side balanced so I popped my white  faux pumpkin in an old basket that I'm sure once contained Hickory Farms goodies :) and like the simplicity of it.
I picked up this neat Liv'n Lantern plant today from Home Depot and absolutely LOVE it!! As I was walking to the til, I had about 3 people stop me and insist on touching the little papery lanterns.  they are quite the show stopper.  This one also has a cute little Welcome scarecrow. 
I typically prefer a more muted color palette, but these were just too cute to resist!
For the actual porch itself, I kept the chair and little table that are always out there and just swapped out the items.
The little basket of faux mini pumpkins, gourds, berries, burlap and leaves is probably my favorite thing.  I did it last year and had to recreate it again.

I wrapped a garland of faux leaves from Michael's around the railing for a nice subtle touch. 
The basket on the floor holds another gorgeous pot of mums and is originally from Ikea and has weathered to a nice patina. 
 For the table top we have the lantern that's out here always.  Another pot of mums, this time in a gorgeous purple was popped into a metal bucket I quickly sprayed black.  I think I will be adding a coat of chalkboard paint to this later this week so I can write a sweet message on here.  The paper mache pumpkin I created last year makes another appearance!
I've felt the wall space above the table has been lacking something for quite some time.  I've been toying with the idea of either a big chalkboard, mirror, sign or something but hadn't made a decision.  I found this old piece of wood in the garage and just leaned it up there for the meantime.  I really like the dark rustic wood (its all banged up and worn) and think I might make it into a sign (maybe chalkboard...?) and officially hang it.
Of course, my favorite fall wreath is back in action.  I'm contemplating painting the front door chocolate brown.  It was supposed to be painted by the builder before we moved in, but the door was back ordered and swapped out twice, so obviously got missed.
So far, I think it's looking nice.  Things will change as the summer flowers die off and I have to move some stuff around.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you've enjoyed my porch tour!

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