Monday, October 27, 2014

Wantable Accessories: Review

After the huge success that was my Wantable Intimates a few weeks ago, I have to say, I was really looking forward to getting my Wantable Accessories box!  When I got the notification that my parcel had been delivered , I couldn't wait to get home!
As usual, everything came delivered nicely packaged in their Signature, sturdy box with Welcome card.

Now, I am not too sure if my profile was just too general, as this was my first time getting the Accessories box and wasn't sure what to expect or if they were just having a bad month over at Wantable (I'd seen some other reviews with some of the same pieces), but I was pretty disappointed with my first box. 

Here's a peek at my profile.  I was looking to get some bright, bold statement pieces like necklaces, earrings and some bracelets.  I'd seen some gorgeous pieces in other reviews and was really hopeful.  Also, some people had mentioned that some of the bold pieces must be considered Boho since they only appeared when they optioned that, so I made sure I was good to go.....

It was nice to see that everything came in black velvet bags, which are always great for storing and travelling.  The folks over at Wantable obviously know a thing or two about presentation, and this is most likely why this is one of the top Subscription Boxes I read reviews about!
Unfortunately, that's kind of where things took a turn for me....  I'll show you my items and then detail what worked for me and what doesn't.
Tamara Earrings

These emerald drop earrings in a gold tone diamond setting just look incredibly dated to me, very 80s...  They are also LARGE.  As in almost too large for me to wear without feeling silly.  After trying them on, I felt a bit better about them, I`m thinking that I might have a cocktail dress or two that these might accentuate nicely, but I don't think these will get much use.  I do however, appreciate the gorgeous green color, which looks great with my hair/eyes/skintone, so I like to think they were paying attention to my profile there.
Valued at $19.00
Janey Earrings
I'm not really sure what to make of these earrings.  I feel like there is far too much going on here and they are very big and long.  Now, while I realize I said I liked big earrings, I think I might have a different idea of what a big earrings is. I am thinking that these would possibly be cute with a white sundress and cowboy boots for summer, but overall, not ME and not very fall. I think I might see if I can deconstruct these and take the bottom part off after the turquoise stone and maybe even make these into 2 different sets of earrings.... they are that long.  A little too gypsy lady for me.
Value $24.00 
Joy Bracelet
This is the piece I am least excited about in this box.  Unfortunately, my photo doesn't capture the vibrancy and neon-ness of those pink gems.  Now, I have nothing against neon and I think that if it had even been attached to a black or white bangle maybe, I would have been on board.,  But I just don't understand this clear plastic jelly strapped snap bracelet.  I'm going to either have to figure out a way to reuse this or gift it to one of my gfs with children to wear as dress-up. 
In my opinion, this is not a piece for a 30 something.... I saw this in other reviews and know that I definitely was not the only one who felt this way!
Valued at $18.00. which seems ridiculous!
Camille Necklace
Thank goodness for the saving grace that was this necklace!!  Otherwise, I think I might have just cancelled my subscription right then and there.  The stones on this are a lovely  light pink and grey and it is quite the statement maker!  This would be best with a top that has a very simple neckline as there are a ton of chains.  This is pretty and statement making while also feeling very delicate due to the small gems and thinner chains.  I tried wearing it with the chains spread out, as above and then with the chains kind of bunched together.
I like it both ways, so this will be definitely be getting some wear!  I should mention that even though this piece isn't my usual style, it made the box for me!
Valued at $31.00
Overall, this box was a pretty big let down for me. 
 It did have a retail value of $92 and I paid $36 plus shipping, but I feel that the necklace is the only piece I will wear, which dramatically lowers that for me.
I will most definitely be altering my profile to see if I can better help them narrow down my style - which admittedly IS a little bit of everything but this was definitely NOT it.  But I will stick with it for at least a few more months to see if things improve.
Do you subscribe
What did you get in your box  How do ours compare

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