Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Posh & Polished Pumpkins

As I've mentioned before, I'm not one for throwing holiday colors (like orange or red) into my décor. I just can't... I find it stressful,  if you can believe that. That's not to say that I absolutely have nothing in those colors, but they are minimal and usually reserved for areas like the porch where they aren't directly around me.

That being said, I think a white pumpkin is absolutely beautiful and would be the only choice of pumpkins for me if I had the opportunity!  Unfortunately, white pumpkins are few and far between to track down around these parts so I need to bite the bullet and go with orange. However, I really wanted to do something a little different this year and add a little more of my personality to the porch décor. Plus, a feather wreath and gilded frames were the other décor items I'd created so I seemed to be going for a glam/elegant Halloween décor, so I went with that! ;)

When I saw that Michael's  was carrying these fun Martha Stewart lace pumpkin sleeves, I was SOLD!  They're on clearance at my Location (I paid $5.00), so you might be able to track them down at yours!


Since I like to be economical, and actually HATE cleaning out pumpkins, I've purchased a couple plug-in jack-o-lanterns  and have a tall white faux pumpkin and purchase a few real pumpkins. We usually do a carving contest at work, so I'll have at least one that is carved!  Next year, I'll be more on the ball and snatch up a ton of fake white ones, earlier in the season.
Each package of sleeves has 3 different patterned and sized mesh sleeves with drawstring elastics on the top and bottom to tighten the sleeve properly around the pumpkin.  (Tip:  I'm sure you could do the same thing with lace stockings, but I didn't have any on hand, and I got these at clearance price so it wasn't a big expense for me, and now I can reuse these over and over again!)
Luckily, the large sleeve fit perfectly over my white faux pumpkin.
I think it's absolutely stunning! 
The middle sleeve fit over the smaller orange real pumpkin.
I really like this wordy one.  Some of the words make sense, some of them appear to be Latin perhaps, either way, another stunning look.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a pumpkin small enough for the smallest sleeve.  I might need to find a tiny one to add to the mix this weekend!  If not, I will keep an eye out for a small one on clearance for next year!
I really love the look of them together!
I haven't yet put together my Halloween porch, but will be doing that this weekend, so I will share those pics for you next week!
What do you think?  Are you liking the glam Halloween crafty décor?

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