Friday, October 10, 2014

Wantable Intimates: Subscription Box Review

Well it was an exciting week for me!  Another one of my new Subscription boxes arrived! 

Today's box is from <a href="">Wantable</a> .  They have 4 different sub boxes: Intimates, Accessories, Makeup and now Fitness Wear.  Cost is $36 CDN per month with a subscription (or you can purchase a one time box for $40.00) plus $6.00 shipping to Canada.  You'll get 4-5 items ranging from socks and tights to loungewear, lingerie, underwear and bras. Items are selected for you based off of your profile.  

I have to admit I was a little thrown today. I had originally signed up for Intimates and then a week later, decided I wanted Accessories too and signed up for that as well. So when I got the mail and saw the size of the box, I thought they had sent the Accessories first! 

The box was super cute and sturdy.  If you read about my first Splendies experience yesterday, you'll know I much prefer a box to a plastic mailer! 

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a sticker indicating this box was personalized for me!

Here's the Welcome card and on the back, they even had some cute little tips for photographing your items! This was a nice little surprise! 

I was then shocked to see not accessories,  but in fact the correct box of Intimates afterall.  They sure do know how to maximize space when packing a box! 

Here's a look at my profile. You are more likely to get items you Love; some that you Like and shouldn't ever get ones you "Dislike". I don't dislike anything but had heard reviews that it's wise to update your preferences regularly to keep your box intune with what you are hoping to receive. Here's a look at my profile for the month:
I don't really wear hosiery or socks often and so I opted out of those since I knew they'd be popular given the time of year. The accessories I've seen in other boxes aren't for me, so those were a no.

So let's take a look at what I got:

NikiBiki Racerbank Tank in Pewter

This tank is so soft, super comfy and light weight. I was a little worried that it might be too small ( I went with a Medium since I've not been to the gym in a while...), or too tight and uncomfortable since it looked so small, but it was super stretchy and a nice fit! The Pewter color is a nice grey with a brown undertone and suits my fair skin nicely! Since it is lighter than black, this will be a nice neutral layering piece for under sheer blouses. 
Valued at $22.00

"Real" Underwear Seamless Bandeau in Coral
I've actually never worn a bra like this before and wasn't sure how I'd like it, since since I'm not typically a fan of soft bras. I really like the coral color and the fit is nice and comfortable. The fabric is soft and the cups are lightly padded for some shape. While I'm still very much a structured bra fan, it is nice to have another option, especially for wearing with casual clothes.  
Valued at $14.00

"Real" Underwear  Daphne Thong in Eggnog
This mesh and lace thong is super cute and looks nice and comfy. I like the mesh front and the lace sides are a nice touch. This is something I would have picked for myself, probably in a brighter color but I often find myself needing more options for under lighter colored clothing, so definitely a WIN! 
Valued at $12.00, however my invoice listed it at $18.00 so I'm not sure where the discrepancy is but I'm using the tag price of $12.00 for comparison

Isadora Black Abstract Circle Leggings 
These patterned leggings are once again super soft and comfy. While the pattern is a little Morrocan and busy, the neutral black, grey and white color scheme toned it down. I tried them on with a black tunic and really loved the look. Perfect for work or weekends! Happy with these for sure! 
Valued at $18.00

Overall, I was very pleased with my first Wantable Intimates box! I had heard so many good things and knew this would be a good subscription. Everything fit, was super comfy and was either something I would regularly pick for myself or something new to me that I am happy with. The items were valued at $66.00 and I paid $36 before shipping, so that's almost double the cost! It was full of some nice, basic pieces and I will get good use out of all of them.

A few things I might change for next month: My wardrobe is missing any sort of cute loungewear ( I mostly wear big, baggy t-shirts from ex bfs and sweats around the house...) so I'd like to see more of that so I will most likely play around with my settings to see if I can steer them in that direction. Also, I will be changing my color preferences so that neutrals aren't a Love and maybe a Like or Dislike, so that I can get some brighter colors this time around for review purposes and to see if I prefer them. 

I'm super happy with this box and looking forward to the next one already!! Not to mention the Accessory box that should be coming soon as well! If you're interested in signing up for your own box, please use <a href="">this referral link</a> . 

I'd love to know what subscription boxes YOU get! Do you subscribe to Wantable? If so, I'd love to know how your items compare? Share!!! 

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