Thursday, October 9, 2014

Splendies Subscription Box Review

I've been seeing subscription boxes everywhere lately! They have a box for pretty much anything you can imagine. I used to subscribe to a few beauty boxes about a year ago, but then when my credit card expired, I just never signed back up. I might have to re-subscribe...

But for the meantime, I thought it might be kind of fun to get a different kind of subscription as it's always nice to get a little surprise in the mail!! So of course I did a little research and found a few that I think will be a good fit for me. The hardest part is always finding one that delivers to Canada, and at a reasonable rate. I'll be posting their reviews as part of my monthly posts. I signed up for three different subscriptions (so far- I'm sure I'll be signing up for a few more), so keep watching for those!

The first one to arrive was <a href="">Splendies</a> , which is a cute little underwear delivery subscription.  Every month, you get three surprise pairs of underwear delivered straight to your door! How fun is that? For me, the best part is I have no idea what they are going to send me! 

Subscription: $12/mth (I got my 1st mth for $8 using a coupon code). Shipping is free in the US, but I think about $7 to Canada.

When I saw the little plastic mailer bag in the box, I knew right away what it was. I have to say that I was a little disappointed these weren't packaged in a box, especially since my package had a rip in it. 

But I'm sure that it helps keep costs down, especially to Canada, so I was willing to overlook this. 

Everything was wrapped up nicely in tissue paper, which I was thankful for since it kept them protected.  One thing I did note was that there was no Welcome Card or any little note inside, not a thing other than the underwear...As this was my first parcel from them, it would have been nice to get a quick hello, thank you and maybe a little blurb on what's to expect or maybe some info on a theme or why the items were chosen for me.  Something...

However, I get that I am paying for underwear and not marketing, so I'll let that slide. Once again, I'm sure it keeps costs down, and that's always a good thing!! Okay, so let's get to what's inside! 

Disclaimer: this post contains photos and descriptions of "unmentionables".  In the  past, I've had some upset comments from readers who found underwear "offensive" and were quite upset I would post such a thing?! While I apologize and never intend to upset anyone, this is MY blog. I post what I like here and certainly don't find underwear posts offensive. The blog is about "pretty little things" in my life and pretty panties certainly fall under that scope. As well, I'm reviewing a service that I like and that I feel others might too, so I think it's useful information.  So read or don't read, but I'm posting about it here!! 

Okay, with that out of the way, on to the fun stuff. Here's a first look:

I was pretty pleased with the first look! It also appeared the selection did have a theme: Pink!  Perfect for me! I love this
Color for underwear. 

Pucker Up Black Lace with Hot Pink Trim

This pair is super cute and kinda sexy.  I love the pink little bow accents! These were priced at $12, so already this makes the box worthwhile! 

Pucker Up Seamless Polka Dot Thong
I have actually never tried one of these seamless pairs so I am looking forward to this! The fabric is super soft and it's a fun print! Very cute. This one is priced at $9.00.

Floral and Dots Bikini 
While the bikini style isn't my fave, I like them for working out and casual sweat pants days. Plus, underwear is underwear and these are pretty, so all good! Eventually, if I get these a lot I might advise them I'd prefer none, but for the price, it's not urgent.  The fabric is super soft, so again, another win! There was no price listed on the tag so I am estimating these to be approx $5.00. 

Overall: I'm really happy with my first "box". I like the look of all the pairs and I appreciate that there is a variety of styles.   They're all super cute and I would probably have purchased all of these myself, with maybe the exception of the bikini, but definitely the sweet floral pattern! Based on the tagged priced of each pair, I'd say the box was valued at approx $26 dollars (one pair was not tagged) which is fantastic considering I paid $8.00 plus shipping.  I will definitely be continuing this subscription! 

I also got a sneak peek for next month. Apparently all November subscriptions will feature a "Big Bang Theory" themed pair of underwear. While not a fan of the show, they all look pretty cute! 
I definitely have my eye on one of the ones with the cats on them, in particular the pink ones!! 

I should mention, my package had super fast shipping! I placed my order on the 30th, received an email on the 3rd it had shipped and got it on the 7th!! Very impressed with how quick this was! 

If you're interested in this service, let me know and I'd be happy to send you a referral link, I'm just waiting on it!! Does anyone else subscribe to this or any other great boxes your recommend? 

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