Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Day: In Pictures

I mentioned yesterday that we had my family in town for the weekend.  One of my Sister-in-Law's requests was that I take some family photos of them as they hadn't taken any since Phoenix was born, three years ago.
The weather was pretty windy on Sunday so we didn't get to take them, and then Monday we got a late start with things and then were running out of time as they had to get on the road.  However, we all had to make a pit stop at my dad's, so weren't we lucky that he just happened to have some beautiful colored foliage and leaves in his yard!
While the wind started to pick up and Phoenix decided he didn't want to cooperate with looking at the camera or smiling in general, I did manage to snag a few good ones!
Here are my faves:
I love that she's not looking at me in this one, but at her sweet boy!
Little boys will only look at the camera for so long....
The dump truck was a big prop for this fall photo session and it was a big hit filling it with leaves and dumping them !  :)
Of course Auntie had to get in on the fun and get a smooch from her favorite boy!!
I wasn't planning on being in any of the photos so excuse my sweats and 2nd day hair.... 
It took a lot of convincing to get the rest of us in here, but she wanted one of my parents, my brother, Phoenix and I so we begrudgingly obliged.  It's not the best photo, but we're all there, and almost everyone is looking at the camera, so it was still a win of sorts!
Here's hoping your Thanksgiving was filled with family, friends and LOVE! 

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