Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Skeletal Plate Wall Art

**My Friday posts didn't even up posting... so here it is now!

Last week I popped into Walmart for a pumpkin and ended up walking out with over $100.00 in other décor and didn't even grab my stinkin' pumpkin!  Whoops!
Originally I didn't actually LOVE the décor items they had this year, but after about an hour of walking up and down the aisles, I realized they had quite a bit of stuff that fit the slightly glam Halloween theme I had going on.  While not technically a "craft", this project takes an ordinary  item and turned it into something completely different, so according to ME, it qualifies!
When I saw these neat black and white skull and skeletal hand plates, I knew right away I wanted to hang them on the wall!    Unfortunately, I couldn't for the life of me find any plate hangers. I did however see a ton of  3M Command  hooks and figured there had to be a way that I could rig something up to serve the same purpose.  I choose these  Large Organizer clips which are regularly used to control cords to an outlet.  Since the plates are melamine, I just needed the plates to hang for about a week so I figured if my jimmy-rigging a hanger didn't work and they fell, at least they wouldn't break! :)
My original thought was that I could just put one on the bottom like any other plate hanger and it would just work out, but I think the overlap on the siding prevented it from working out as I liked, and the plate kept falling forward.  So I had to add one to the top as well.  
 I simply hung them sideways, with one upside down, the width of the pumpkin apart (if that makes any sense - see image below!).  Since the clips were exactly the right distance apart and I wasn't able to bend the clips, I simply slide the plate in from the side and it worked perfectly.
Admittedly, the hangers worked out pretty well, once I got them both on there and the plate is nice and secure.... I think! ;)

Update:  I've had the plates up for over a week now, through very cold weather and even some snow and so far, things have held up wonderfully!
I'll be adding a bit more things to this wall... and maybe some more plates, but I'll leave you with just this sneak peek for now!

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