Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Craft Week: Scarrarium

I love decorating for the holidays, but I'm not a big fan of adding all sorts of bright colors that don't match my existing décor an predominantly blue, grey, and white color scheme.  Also, as I don't have kids and don't have any popping by, between now and Halloween, it doesn't make sense for me to do anything too juvenile around my place, cause quite frankly, that's just not "ME".  But I do have some adults who'll be around so I thought it might be fun to do something super simple and slightly creepy to décor I already have, that they are sure to notice!

A Halloween Scararrium of course!!

This little faux-terrarium usually resides in the guest room but I thought it deserved a place front and centre as my dining room table centerpiece!

I had the glass structure for quite sometime, sitting around collecting dust when I had the idea about a year ago to add the faux succulents and some moss.  It adds a touch of nature to the guest bedroom!

All I purchased for this craft was a small bag of spiders from Michaels.  They have their Halloween and Autumn décor items on sale already, so it's a perfect time to stock up on stuff!!  You could really add a ton of different creepy/crawly items to this for something fun, but my goal was super simple.  I chose a bag of Large Spiders, but you could go with smaller and see if it takes people a while I find them!

All I did was pop open the terrarium and nestle the spiders in the moss.

A few enjoyed climbing around on the succulent pots.
I also wanted to have some climbing up the sides of the glass, so I grabbed some Glue Dots from my craft room and hung a few spiders up!
You can see the glue dot stretched out in the below shot. Which I love!  I think it kinda looks like the start of a web! :)
I made sure NOT to dust or use glass cleaner on the case before starting. I also didn't wipe off the smudgy finger prints.  I think it adds a little "Halloween" character to the terrarium.  I also didn't straighten up the succulent pots that were slightly tipped over.  I like to think the spiders caused that....
It's looking pretty good on the dining table!  I think it will be a fun little addition to the main floor for the next couple weeks!

I can't wait to have people over and see their reactions!
It's definitely been a hit with those of the feline variety...
This cute little craft took less than 5 minutes to pull together and cost about $2.00 for the bag of spiders!  What do you think of my new Halloween centerpiece?

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