Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lighting Love Affair

I spent a few hours on Friday night at HomeSense.  I had some giftcards burning a hole in my wallet and was looking for nothing in particular
I spotted a pile of clearance light fixtures and spent a great deal of time mulling over whether they should come home with me or not.
There were two I liked,  this one:

(Excuse the photo, it was taken with my crappy Blackberry, and the box was wrapped in plastic wrap so it's a little hard to see...)

There was another similar one, with simple dangling crystals, but my aforementioned crappy phone apparently was not able to save that photo!

Despite the great price, I just wasn't able to convince myself that lighting was something we actually I passed.

It's currently all I can think about now.  Everytime I walk into a room at the house, I notice the crappy, builder-basic light fixtures we have and how much better the space would be with one of these fixtures lighting the way.

I guess I will be making a pit stop on my way home tomorrow.... Anyone have some tips for newbies learning to switch out light fixtures? 


Holly and Sean said...

LOVE that fixture!! We changed out all the builder fixtures at our last house as well and it made a HUGE difference. The first few seemed complicated, but we can switch lights in a only 10 minutes nowadays. Just do some googling and makesure you have all the tools on hand (you have to move fast when you are holding fixtures, unless you have mega muscles LOL).

Can't wait to see where it goes~

home lighting said...

There is a relatively cheap way of updating your home’s interior mood just by introducing suitable lighting accents. It’s quick to do and it can make a huge difference.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Thanks! We actually purchased the fixture, however it is MUCH to large for the front entry. I will most likely either be using it in the dining room or our master bedroom!

I'll share photos when we finally get around to putting it up!