Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fantastic Find - Vintage Chair!

Well, it was an absolute BUST trying to find a chair for the front porch. Oh, don't get me wrong, I found what I was looking for. But there's no way on earth that I am going to spend $500 dollars and upwards for a chair that will get practically NO USE, and will only be on display 4 months of the year!
So I have decided to let that project be for the meantime. I did however find one chair I really like. I wasn't even in the market for a chair to re-upholster, but I never see good finds like this at reasonable prices. So I snatched it up without much thought!

Isn't she pretty? Okay, well yeah, not with those colors... but overall! She's got tons fo potential. Heck, even the wood is in pretty good shape!

I'm excited to try my hand at tufting!

The caning is lovely and in good condition! Only question, is do you sand-down cane?

As far as her makeover goes, I'm not exactly sure which route to go.

Should I stain it a nice dark ebony or walnut? Or should I spray her white?

I have a few fabrics in mind, but I will be hitting up the fabric store in the next couple weeks to find something that really "speaks" to me.

Any thoughts? Tips?

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