Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Hall Closet

Spring was starting to officially declare it's arrival around here, and then I had to go and mess it up for everyone! You see, the weekend was actually pretty nice. Not nice enough to go to the beach or anything like that. But certainly nice enough to work on both the interior and exterior of the house. So I did and called it my Spring Cleaning Kick Off! And then today, we had another major winter storm and a HUGE dumping of snow!!! So, yeah I'm taking full responsibility because my first project was the hall closet. You know, I cleared out winter boots, jackets and all sorts of cold weather accessories. Oops!

Anyhow, I was pretty proud of myself and here's a little peek:This thing was quite a mess! Plus, with the weather warming up, I thought it was time to get rid of the snow boots and winter jackets. (obviously, that was too soon!)

That top shelf was the absolute worst. I couldn't find anything in the bins and the re-usable shopping bags fell daily and hit me in the head!

First, I emptied EVERYTHING out!

I cleaned up all the organizers and then put them back into place. (Using all white, is a huge help cause it looks clean and keeps everything fresh looking)

Cory and I share this closet half and half. We each get a bin for accessories like hats, gloves, etc. Equal hanging space that I keep to 6 jackets at a time, and three shoe racks each. Our off season jackets and some shoes are stored in the guest room. Everything else ( my other shoes) are in our master closet.

The first things I put back were the bins. I sorted, paired gloves and decided that my hats needed their own bin. I shopped the house and scored this blue Ikea bin for free (it was being underused storing cat toys!)

Next up was the shoe racks. There were a ton of dirty shoes, which I took outside to clean off. Then I took out all snow boots and winter footwear. Everything was then put back into place. Top rack holds flip flops and flat shoes, then dress shoes, the casual shoes. My boots and new shoes went on the floor.

Lastly, winter jackets were switched out with rain coats and spring fleeces. I only allow 6 jackets each in the closet at a time.

The only other new thing I added was a small woven basket from Dollarama, that was originally in the office, to corral all the shopping bags neatly. There was a perfect spot on the floor for it!

Here's the final finished space: I am pleased, it's still super functional, but orderly.

What have you done for Spring Cleaning so far?

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Potatoez n' Pineconez said...

those zebra bags from the dollarrama are awesome! I seem to aquire more and more and use them for my out of season clothes and fabrics