Thursday, May 27, 2010

Possible Entry Addition

I decided last month to finally start tackling the task of completing our home decorating, since the end of June marks our ONE YEAR HOME ANNIVERSARY!!
I figured the best and most logical way to complete everything would be to start at the front porch, and work my way through the house until we finished.  Although, I'm smart enough to know, I'll never REALLY be finished...   And while I am not sure if it's really feasible, I am hoping to try and work on only one room's projects at a time.... But I know my brain doesn't really work that way, so I'll do my best to keep from skipping back and forth.
Anyhow, last week I shared my  Front porch mini-makeover , so it only makes sense that the next space we start to tackle be the front entrance. 
Here's what it looks like now (well, Christmas time actually, since I can't seem to find any current photos of the hall...)
Yeah, pretty bland....  I DO love the mirror, but something is missing.  I've really wanted to add a console table, but Cory is convinced that there simply just isn't enough room for a table.

See how the hallways angles and gets pretty narrow? 

Well, I accompanied a gf to Ikea last week and got to see the HEMNES shoe cabinet on display.  Instantly, I was in love!  It seemed like it had the potential to be the perfect addition to the space.  Plus it had everything I was looking for:

  • Narrow enough to fit in the space comfortably?  Check!  It mounts to the wall, which helps save space.

  • Look like an actual piece of furniture?  Check There are legs which make it look like a real table.

  • Provide storage?  Check!  Those 4 tilt out drawers are pretty room, and would definitely tackle the mounds of shoes in our entry.  Not to mention mittens and even large purses... yes!  I stuffed mine in at the store!

  • Have a wide enough top so that it would accomodate a nice vase and a bowl for keys, etc. ?  Check!  I already have an idea for a nice little vignette up there.  That'll help fill out the space under the mirror nicely.

Although, it definitely looks a little cheap  here, which was my biggest worry.  Especially considering I broke the display model when I tried to see if my ginormous purse would fit inside one of the tilt out compartments!  oops!

So, here's my question for the day?  Do you think that if I swapped out those oil-bronze knobs for something a little more glam, and dressed the top of the piece properly, I could get away with it looking a little more upscale?

I'm hoping to take it from Ikea STANDARD to STANDOUT!!


Anonymous said...

new knobs would help and topping it with a piece of marble would be beautiful!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

What a great tip about a marble top! I see that in all the design mags and never would have thought to do it myself!

Now if only I can convince the bf that marble would be a worthy splurge... :)