Monday, May 24, 2010

Good News and a little clean-up!

Thankfully, nothing was ruined in the flash flood that hit the guest room and office earlier this week.  Note to everyone:  ALWAYS make sure your electronics are plugged into a power bar with a surge protector and gfi!

Since everything had been moved, thrown around and wiped down from all the rainwater, I took this weekend as an opportunity to clean and tidy the space so that I might actually want to spend time in there again.  I don't actually love this space.  It works, mostly.  But it's pretty oppressive in there with all that dark furniture.  However, everything is less than 2 years old, and it's what we had to work with, so it's staying until we:

a.) get me a laptop and completely get rid of the desk top computer.
b.) save up enough money to do a complete re-do.
It's not the prettiest, most stylish office but it does the job!
(Please esxcuse the mess of cords under the desk - I needed Cory's help to mount those under the desk but he was napping and I couldn't wait!)
To be honest, it doesn't get used all that often anymore!  Something I hope to change...
The desk is used mainly for paying bills.
The desk is an Ikea find, and the chair was one I stole from my office when we got new furniture (our cheap one had broken in the move!)

Another Ikea piece, this is perfect for holding all my crafting supplies! Plus the top is the perfect height (for me!) to use as a workspace.  My papercutter lives here, however the sewing machine gets moved to a folding table to accomodate room for fabrics.

Our old place had a loft.  We set it up as an office/craft space and make shift den.  This Billy bookcase was purchased for that space.  It held dvds,cds, video games, books and of course decorative objects.  It's really not working for me in this space... It will most likely get moved to the basement once we finish it!

But since I know you're all wondering where my "stuff" is... I'll show you:
The room actually has a walk-in closet that is perfect for storing.... well, just about everything.  Excuse the mess, the stuff here, is stuff I am working on, or in progress so I didn't fully organize it as I cleaned the rest of the room.
My craft punches hang from a piece my mom made me out of scrap wood and towel bars.
The clear plastic organizer was a freebie from a friend cleaning out her basement - it holds fabric and sewing supplies.
The white dresser was another freebie from a gentleman at work cleaning his basement - top drawer holds more craft supplies and the other 2 hold all my stamp sets
Wrapping paper and other Christmas wrapping supplies are in the long plastic rubbermaid bins.
The rest of it, needs some work!

For now, this is serving as my BEFORE, but it's (mostly) tidy now, so expect to see some crafts coming out of here soon!

Happy Long Weekend!

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