Friday, May 28, 2010

Reward Yourself!

Last week while paying bills, I noticed that I had an outstanding points balance on one of my credit card statements that was about to EXPIRE! 

Did you know that some companies with Rewards Programs actually put expiry dates on them?  Neither did I!

I immediately went online to see if I had enough points for anything and saw that I did.  Needless to say, I didn't hesitate to redeem my points!
I also spent the rest of the evening going through my many Rewards Programs and redeeming wherever I could!

Fast forward to today, and here's a few of the goodies I have received so far:
When choosing my rewards, I obviously make selections for things that would help me get this house in tip top shape!

Here's what's burning a hole in my wallet right now:

~ A $50 HBC Gift card from HBC obviously.  Did you know they replaced their Rewards Catalogue with gift cards?  I think that's a much better option!

~ A $120 gift card for Sears from my Sears Club points on my Mastercard

~ My credit card company's Choice Rewards rewards program had some of the best options, but as soon as I saw that HomeSense/Winners was on there, I snatched those up!  I was a few points short of another $50.  I am hoping that when I get my statement this month, I'll have enough to grab another card!

I'm excited to spend these babies on some stuff to spiffy up the house.  Don't worry, I 'll share all about my rewards!

Cory and I are also no strangers for cashing in our Gas Station's reward points for free gas, car washes, washer fluid and snacks!  As well our Airmiles often get us movie passes and restaurant gift certificates!

How about you?  What have you scored for "FREE" lately?  Ever taken a look at your rewards programs to see if your points expire?

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