Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Command Centre

In a perfect world, I'd have tons of storage in my kitchen and a huge, beautiful mudroom to keep stuff like a family calendar and the garbage collection schedule on.  In reality, here's where we keep coupons, takeout menus, etc.

Yeah, not really working for me...

I really wanted something behind closed doors, and I figured that the recessed panel cupboard doors would be perfect for this!  After checking with Cory, we both agreed that the backs of the pantry doors would be the perfect spot.

Once quick trip to Walmart to pick up these babies, and I was headed home.

For $9.99, I snagged 4 cork tiles with double-sided foam adhesive strips.
My plan was to cut them to size with a self-healing cutting mat and an exacto knife.

However, they were EXACTLY THE RIGHT SIZE for the inside panel of my cupboards.  We were only about an inch short on the bottom cupboard as my cupboards go from countertop to ceiling!)

Each tile got a foam adhesive strip in each corner and one in the middle.

Starting at the bottom (to help keep things level and seams tight), I simply peeled the backing off the adhesive strips and pressed them into the space. 

They turned out perfectly!  I thought about painting them or covering them in fabric and figured that they'd be covered with stuff most of the the time anyhow so it woudn't actually matter if the cork was peeking through!

Yes, I should have styled this, but we were on our way out, so I just threw up the stuff I wanted to get off the fridge before we left.

**IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  We have taken plenty of care to ensure we are not SHOVING the tacks in all the way.  Our tacks are longer than the cork, so we are cautious to push them in only as far as the cork is thick, so as not to ruin the doors.  It also makes removing the tacks easier!!**

End result:  We are beyond happy with this hidden little area filled with all our ugly but practical papers.  Since our telephone is kept right there as well, this is the perfect spot to post phone numbers and our takeout menus!

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Cassie @ TheRingls said...

I did the same thing in my kitchen and LOVE it!
Everyone that sees it wants to do it. It's so handy and useful. I never have to search for my go-to recipes anymore :)
Great post!