Friday, May 21, 2010

THE "Incident"

I was unable to past last night, and tonight is still up in the air...(a real post, not this makeshift deal from my cell) as we had an incident last night. I take 100% responsibility for it, and I don't usually say that!

You see, it's been hot around here lately, and since we dropped the ball on central air while we were building and currently there are other projects taking priority (and funding) we've been dealing by opening the windows.

Unfortunately, last night it POURED! I mean, I knew it was raining. I knew the windows were open. I guess I just forgot how far they were open. And I wasn't taking into consideration the direction of the rain...

Whoops! Yeah, so when I finally felt the wind pick up, it was already too late! Both the guest room and office were SOAKED! And i'm by no means exagerating. As in, the whole duvet in the guest room was soaked, as were the wood blinds.

The office was even worse. Unfortunately, underneath the window is where our desk and all the electronics are. Yes, probably a bad idea in hindsight, but it's where it works best!

Thankfully, it appears the surge protector has a gfi and shut itself off, so we hope that it prevented everything from shorting out.... Hopefully.

Cory and I spent a good deal of time in there last night with stacks of towels, wiping down the desk and everything on it (it was a pile of mess). We're letting all the electronics completely dry out before we do any plugging back in. We also made sure to do our absolute best in drying off the wood blinds to prevent damage.

But, thankfully this weekend is a long one with few plans. So I have on day lined up to tackle and full purge, clean and re-organization of that room. Guess I needed a little kick in the butt from a rainstorm.
I am beyond thankful though that my brand new camera wasn't on the desk where I usually keep it.

So, in the event that I am incommunicado for the next few, have a great long weekend!

We have a ton of stuff to do at the house so I will make sure to share when I am back!

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Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

That stinks! We had been our home for about five days when I foumd water flowing into the kitchen from our incorrectly installed washing machine. We were using quilts, towels, anything we could get our hands on to sop up the water. It buckled all the wood floors in the hallway. We were devastated!

I hope all your electronics are okay.